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Past Winners

Winner: Clear Catheter Systems Inc - Best Business Start-Up 2013

Active Clearance Technology® - Edward Boyle & Team

Active Clearance Technology® is a novel solution designed to improve the outcomes of patients undergoing open heart surgery.

After chest surgery, surgeons place tubes through the chest wall which allow blood and other fluids to drain away. A common problem occurring in more than a third of patients, is where the tubes block and cause increased pressure inside the chest, potentially compromising the heart and lungs and meaning that the patient may need to return to theatre for a second operation.

PleuraFlow® Active Clearance Technology® enables caregivers to actively keep chest tubes clear of clot through the use of a patented technology utilising special magnets and movable shaped wires.

The innovation, developed by heart surgeons, is approved by the FDA and has the potential to reduce the number of emergency revision procedures, create significant cost savings to hospitals, and most importantly, save lives.

“We are honoured to have won this prestigious Award, judged by some of the world’s foremost experts in the field” said Founder Edward Boyle. “This will help increase our visibility to the clinical world and speed up adoption of this important technology to improve patient care”.

Chairman of the Judging Panel, Professor Martin Rothman stated, “The Judges were enthused by the wealth of innovation and entrepreneurship displayed by the shortlisted candidates. The winner was selected because of its simplicity, clear potential to have clinical impact and business opportunity”.

The ICI Innovation Awards for Best Business Start-Up is one the world’s most prestigious accolades for cardiovascular Start-Up’s, offering unparalleled clinical and commercial validation from a world-class panel of clinical and commercial experts. Entrants are invited to pitch their idea, face to face, to Judges who then quiz them on the clinical and commercial opportunity. The panel of Judges determine the winner based on three principal criteria: The impact on novelty; impact on patientcare; and the business potential.

The ICI Innovation Awards are run in association with the “Innovations in CardiovascularInterventions” (ICI) Meeting which takes place in December in Tel Aviv in Israel (see www.icimeeting.com) and attracts applications from 22 countries around the world including the USA, Europe, Russia, Australia, and India.

Clear Catheter Systems, a spinout from collaboration between MDI Partners (a medical device incubator) and the Cleveland Clinic Foundation, is a Bend, Oregon based privately held medical device company pioneering new technologies to solve the clinical problems associated with obstructed catheters. The company has a pipeline of products based on its proprietary tube clearance technologies to resolve catheter clogging in other medical market segments, including urinary catheters, gastrointestinal catheters, and wound drainage.

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